Judy Thureson

Judy Thureson deeply desires to help people live out their most authentic life!  You are not truly living if you are not being true to who you are.

Judy was born in the Philippines and is the seventh child out of eight!  She moved to Los Angeles at a young age and struggled to find her way during her adolescent years.  She found herself living in turmoil, pain, and always feeling like she didn’t fit in.  She struggled with drugs, alcohol, eating disorders, and finding men to fill the void she so deeply felt in her life.  Even though she became a professional dancer, traveling the world and rubbing elbows with Hollywood celebrities, she found her life empty and meaningless.  She felt alienated, insecure, and lonely because no one really knew who she was.  Frankly, she didn’t even know herself.

In 1991 she had a great encounter that would change her life forever and that was when she began her journey to authenticity.  Finding Jesus and finding her identity in God was the greatest gift she could have ever asked for! In the last twenty years or so, Judy has worked closely with people and has passionately helped many of them find themselves and God.

In the last decade, Judy has partnered with one of her best friends and fellow life coach, Vicki Hagadorn and together, they have helped many people on their journey to Wholeness, Authenticity, Spirituality, and overall Health and Wellness.

They are so excited to share with you their NEW Venture, GET INSPIRED MOVEMENT!  Please check it out and watch their journey unfold.  They are excited about encouraging, empowering, and equipping people to live out their calling!  They will be sharing great tools and insights on how to overcome fear, break through limiting beliefs, and much more!

Judy is a Wellness Coach, Re-Invention Specialist, Fitness Trainer, Yoga Instructor, and most importantly, a wife and mother.   Judy specializes in helping people balance mind, body, and spirit.  It’s not enough to just focus on a hard body and six pack abs, it’s important to learn how to accept ourselves, have healthy relationships, excel in our spiritual lives and be fully present.

Her family relocated to Austin, Tx from Los Angeles, CA in 2013 and they LOVE it!  They now call it home.